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Basher FiveTwo

I joined this crazy place on 2012-02-09, 11 years ago.

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Police Officer...book nerd...realist...Prepper.

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What did you prep this week?? - 11 years ago

I bought 15 six gallon sealed buckets of wheat. I have a grinder that I can use, hand crank, to make flour for bread out of.

Book List: - 11 years ago

"The Prepper's Handbook" by Zion Prepper.

UPDATE: Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) - 11 years ago

If emp knocks out everything besides what in your bag,(laptop-gps) when you take it out, whats it going to connect to internet wise if the servers are down with no power?

Green Eggs and Spam - 11 years ago

Try the DAK Ham in a can...its way tastier than spam bro.

My super cheap backup power setup - 11 years ago

We use the solar yard lights for safe indoor lights when electricity fire out. I beefed mine up by replacing the batteries with the best rechargeables.

Cooking Off Grid - 11 years ago

I have an outdoor wood burning stove/ oven. I have a small one in my garage and I have the old time style fireplace in my house with the iron swings to hang pots in the fire. I'm simple

has anyone seen the lifestraw? - 11 years ago

Cheaper than dirt is a cool publication

LDS canning center Houston - 11 years ago

Yes REDD they'd be good

LDS canning center Houston - 11 years ago

I'm going in two weeks..

Antibiotics - 11 years ago

Ordering now! Thank you.

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