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Basher FiveTwo

I joined this crazy place on 2012-02-09, 7 years ago.

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Police Officer...book nerd...realist...Prepper.

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Pay off debt, purchase more preps, save the cash??? What to do??? - 7 years ago

I'm heading to the LDS Cannery the first weekend in March to spend some cash.

Beginning the journey - 7 years ago

Not sure where to begin so I'll just start at the basics. Food/water. I recomend this web site for calculating how much food and water you will need per family member. www.providentliving.org This...

LDS canning center Houston - 7 years ago

I am going back to the cannery with income tax return. I plan to spend about 2 grand in two days there.

LDS canning center Houston - 7 years ago

BUMP! Good stuff here

Exodus - 7 years ago

I agree. What and how will you get home with if your away and the hell starts? Do you have a get home bag for yourself with Glock?

3.5 acres of land - 7 years ago

The whole neighborhood will have those drained inside of a week. Everyone is thinking the same as you.

Book List: - 7 years ago

In the book...there are three launched from regular scud type missile launchers from container ships. One on the west coast, east coast, and gulf of mexico. If that happened...we'd be done and thats t...

My new (to me) sniper - 7 years ago

no sir..i dont. But I will ask around today with my shooters

3.5 acres of land - 7 years ago

http://www.youtube.com/user/southernprepper1?ob=video-mustangbase#p/u/0/tL4RyNc8_o4 This is Southernprepper1 channel...put it into your address bar and watch ALL of his vids...very good source of...

3.5 acres of land - 7 years ago

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