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rightwingmom (Mod) --- 10 years ago -

Let's start a preppers book list.
Anything from favorite fiction, to DIY and everything in between.

My first submission is a great DIY book Reader's Digest: Back to Basics
This is an older edition but we love it. My DM found in for less than $1 at the public library clearance table. SWEET! 

nooneishome --- 10 years ago -

Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook 

5 Rah --- 10 years ago -

I just checked Amazon.com and they have several different editions of "Back to Basics" priced from $16 -$25.00. Your DM did well :)

Just so happens I also have this book and I love it!!!

Now the ironic thing...I stopped by the library today and they had a copy of "Reader's Digest New Complete Do-it-Yourself Manual" $2.00!!! I think Reader's Digest had published several different books of this type. Anyway, this one has illustrations and directions on just about anything that needs to be done around the house. Think I might change out that wobbly toilet and if I am still alive after fixing the electric wiring in the shed, I'll start on the kitchen sink!....
Maybe I'll call my DSIL (dear son in law)

favorite fiction: "Watership Down" by Richard Adams
This is where 5 Rah comes from :) 

oneyedman (Mod) --- 10 years ago -

I was at a library book sale last weekend and I bought 2 books on building underground homes....

Cool in the summer, warm in the winter 

rightwingmom (Mod) --- 10 years ago -

If you're interested in canning, the Ball Blue Book Guide is essential. Clear easy to understand instructions, lists of supplies, and awesome recipes. You can grab it off the Amazon link or check your local Walmart. I picked one up last year for around $6. 

Basher FiveTwo --- 10 years ago -

One Second After by William Forstchen. Deals with EMP strike and loss of Americas electricity for one year. Scary as Hell and full of surviving methods. 

oneyedman (Mod) --- 10 years ago -

The below link has FREE downloads of the following useful books:
Where There Is No Doctor
Where Women Have No Doctor
Advance Chapters from the NEW Where There Is No Doctor
A Book for Midwives
Where There Is No Dentist
Sanitation and Cleanliness

Free resource books 

rightwingmom (Mod) --- 10 years ago -

One Second After by William Forstchen. Deals with EMP strike and loss of Americas electricity for one year. Scary as Hell and full of surviving methods.

OMGosh...that book freaked me out! I read it recently. I'm SO glad I already had a good head start on prepping. Found myself doing a mental checklist RATHER than thinking, "Crap...I need this, that, and the other!"

I think OSA is a frighteningly realistic look has how society would unfold if an EMP were as devastating as many predict. 

Odin --- 10 years ago -

One Second After by William Forstchen. Deals with EMP strike and loss of Americas electricity for one year. Scary as Hell and full of surviving methods.

Three people have recommended that book to me.

I just hope our radioactive sensing satellites can prevent such an event.

It would truly suck to have all my electronics go bye bye. I'm guessing it would fry any solar panels I get too. 

Basher FiveTwo --- 10 years ago -

In the book...there are three launched from regular scud type missile launchers from container ships. One on the west coast, east coast, and gulf of mexico. If that happened...we'd be done and thats that. ALSO...this same electricity outage can be caused by a solar flare. 

MYSTRY UNLEASHED --- 10 years ago -

I think this one would be cool to have.

Tom Brown's Guide to Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants (Field Guide)

For untold thousands of years, human beings have thrived on the nutritional and medicinal wealth of the plant life in the natural world. In these fascinating, wide-ranging, wonderfully informative stories, Tom Brown--director of the world-famous Tracking, Nature, and Wilderness Survival School--tells all about the uncommon benefits of the common trees, shrubs, flowers, and other plants we find all around us. This indispensible guide includes information on:
How to use every part of the plant--leaves, flowers, bark, bulbs, and roots

Where to find useful plants, and the best time of the year and stages of growth to harvest them

How to prepare delicious food dishes, soups, breads and teas from the riches of the great outdoors

An incredible range of experience-proven medicinal uses to treat headaches, burns, digestive disorders, skin problems, and a host of other maladies

10 must have survival books on Amazon 

rightwingmom (Mod) --- 10 years ago -

I have several of your recommended books on my Amazon "Wish List."
Just need the $$$ to buy them.
Stinks to have to prioritize your budget! :P

Another good book for forging is:
The Essential Wild Food Survival Guide 

bwestand7 --- 10 years ago -

A good mapsco book is a must as well as a complete repair manual for any vehicles firearms and or equipment you might own ..... Another fun bit of reading which is also full of useful information is the us army zombie combat skills lol its actually full of excellent water and food procurement essentials as well as defense and shelter and it keeps you interested 

Basher FiveTwo --- 10 years ago -

"The Prepper's Handbook" by Zion Prepper. 

rightwingmom (Mod) --- 10 years ago -

Just ordered 5 books by David Barton.

America's Godly Heritage
The Bulletproof George Washington
Keys to Good Government
Lives of the Signers of the Declaration
The New England Primer

Wallbuilders ~ Books

There are SO many more I'd like to have in our historically accurate library, but this is a good start. We're adding them to our current (small) collection:
Original Intent and The Second Amendment also by Barton.

This man is an amazing resource for the truth behind the founding our our Nation! 

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