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HELP! How do I keep mosquitoes from developing in my rain barrel? - 11 years ago

Put enough cooking oil on top to coat the water, just needs a sheen. Larvae cannot breathe thru the oil & die. Non toxic.

Barter Society - 11 years ago

Charmin extra soft mega rolls :)

Green Eggs and Spam - 11 years ago

Lots of canned proteins available - sardines, tuna, salmon, bacon, spam, ham, chicken.

Bug-Out approach? - 11 years ago

I'm buggin' in. Ike evac learned me to stay off the road. 4 - 6 million folks trying to go somewhere at the same time doesn't work. I have places to go, but if given no notice of event so I can g...

Ordered one of these - 11 years ago


Awesome Shotgun belt deal $7.00 - 11 years ago

Got 2, thanks.

DIY Fire start straws (BOB, etc) - 11 years ago

Much easier. Take newspaper, roll into 3 or 4 inch tightly wrapper rolls, tie with twine and leave a tail, dip in paraffin (wax). Waterproof & long burning.

The Greatest Gun Salesman In America - 11 years ago

Gun show in Conroe this weekend 2/25-26.

The Greatest Gun Salesman In America - 11 years ago

5, is that all !! All these extra guns & ammo are for the Mexicans.

What did you prep this week?? - 11 years ago

I bought a tomahawk, axe one side, spike on other, balanced for throwing with 14" nylon handle. Suitable for punching out lock cylinders or cracking car windows.

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