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HELP! How do I keep mosquitoes from developing in my rain barrel?

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5 Rah --- 9 years ago -

How do I keep the mosquitoes from developing in my rain barrel as it is filling up? At about ½ full the “wigglies” – larva began. I put a cup of Clorox in over a week ago and they immediately died. I poured some of the treated water on the grass and until today it was still green – now it is yellowing a bit – I’m thinking this water may not be good for my apple tree? Back to my question ~ I put the lid on because of sunny weather all last week. Today it is expected to rain so I took off the lid – mosquitoes everywhere! I sprayed into the barrel and they all died. Now my rainwater has Clorox AND mosquito spray. Any suggestions??? Thanks 

LiveFreeOrDie (Admin) --- 9 years ago -

Buy a gold fish.. :) 

Grumpy --- 9 years ago -

Put enough cooking oil on top to coat the water, just needs a sheen. Larvae cannot breathe thru the oil & die. Non toxic. 

5 Rah --- 9 years ago -

Thanks for the goldfishb tip LFOD. I went to the store to buy the goldfish but had second thoughts about putting them in the clorox treated water and killing them ~ I'll wait till I empty the barrel and start with fresh rainwater. In the meantime I am putting the cooking oil in, thanks for an alternative idea Grumpy. :) 

Odin --- 9 years ago -

Outdoor pond goldfish were the most effective all round anti mosquito system I've ever had.

Sprays? Not effective.

Mosquito magnet. Expensive to run.

Goldfish: cheap, very effective. 

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