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Bug-Out approach?

who's talking here?

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Defcon1 --- 10 years ago -

Anyone else look at "prepping" in the "bug-out" approach?

While a lot of folks seem to be stocking food and water items and ammunition for long-term storage at their home location, I have been prepping in a different manner.

My plan in the worst case would most likely be to bug-out and get on the move, preferably to a remote location away from cities and towns.

My bug-out bag is a small bag made for hunters. It is printed in a woodland camouflage pattern. In it are your typical survival items...

Fire-starting tools
A couple solid knives
Wire for trapping
Fishing kit
Items for boiling/purifying water
Quick-Clot items
And a slew of other small survival tools.

I usually keep one unopened MRE in the bag to get me through the first day or two, but after that I am fully prepared to hunt, fish, forage and grow all my own food away from the dangers of the cities.

Anyone else take more of a bug-out approach?

One problem with this approach is selecting a firearm to take, as you can only take what you can reasonably carry.

Another problem is ammunition. Do you wear a tac-vest filled with ammo?! Do you try to carry a bag filled with rounds??

I still have not figured all that out. All I know is if sh*$ hits the fan, I'm NOT stickin' around Houston! 

rightwingmom (Mod) --- 10 years ago -

You've given a lot of thought to your bug out. Excellent.

Check out this thread I posted:
B.O.B. & Evacuation Checklist
(Keep in mind we're a family of four.)

Two of the things that opened my eyes was reading the book, "One Second After" and "SHTF School" blog by Selco.

One Second After
This book opened my eyes to the perils and challenges of evacuees. They encountered things like access being denied by authorities. At best, you may be allowed to stay on the highway and NOT venture near any towns, even if you're just passing through.

Also check out SHTF School Selco survived the war in the Balkins in the 90's and writes about what he learned when his entire world was sent into chaos.

DH & I have access to nearly 200 acres of family land just 2 hours from us. We've gone back and forth about when, and IF we'd bug out to there. Our biggest concern is the chaos and civil unrest that will follow a SHTF event. We're imagining the hurricane Rita evacuation disaster, but on a MUCH LARGER SCALE and with panicked people. We've decided to ride out (almost) any disaster at home. We're prepared to bug out, but that would be a LAST RESORT.

Finally, I carry BOBs in our vehicles at all times, but those are more for getting home if chaos breaks out while we're away.

Hope this was helpful...forgive the length. 

Defcon1 --- 10 years ago -

Thanks for the reply! I will check out those books.

Those sound like reads I could actually enjoy. 

Grumpy --- 10 years ago -

I'm buggin' in. Ike evac learned me to stay off the road. 4 - 6 million folks trying to go somewhere at the same time doesn't work.

I have places to go, but if given no notice of event so I can get out first, will stay put if I can as long as I can. 

bwestand7 --- 10 years ago -

I would have to make an argument for both bugging on and out I live on the outskirts of a large metro area so given the time I would go and all my food water weapons med supplies preps are all bought with mobility in mind but you would have to be one of the first ones out of town to not get stuck of course also I keep a mapsco in each vehicle with 3 routes to my location on small side roads .... But if your not the first one out you have to realize u might not get out and plan accordingly I live in a mobile home with neighbors quite close so its not the most fortified position but I can do a few things to keep people away in a shtf event my vehicles are all moving from the house quickly so it appears we left and clutter the yard a bit that should defies anyone looking for supplies atleast .... As far as a firearm pick whatever you like I carry a govt frame 1911 everywhere even while wearing basketball shorts with no problem the gun and ammo are heavier but I need to carry less ammo than say someone with a 9mm cause one shot from my pistol is worth 2.5 from there's .... Basically just plan for both in my oppinion and don't automatically assume you will have to be on foot you car can get u started in any direction u need to go as long as u plan your routes well 

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