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I joined this crazy place on 2011-09-21, 9 years ago.

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Quandry ?? - 8 years ago

One is NEVER finished or complete.

Quandry ?? - 8 years ago

Looks like an Israeli / Iranian war is imminent. It might lead to a few low level nukes being lobed around. Worldwide oil shortages and out of sight prices are likely, followed by rising food & comm...

Cooking Off Grid - 8 years ago

I have several wood/charcoal/butane grills, smokers, & flat top. As long as I can get natural gas, then I have electricity.

Heirloom seeds - 8 years ago

Ordered 4 cans.

Top Ten Foods for Stocking Up - 8 years ago

Watch Andrew Zimmern, Bizarre Foods - never go hungry !!!

Ok, I watched the show Doomsday Preppers - 8 years ago

Some of those folks border on PARANOID. BUT, they might get it right !!

POLL: What are you prepping for? - 8 years ago

I didn't see an all the above box. Same preps mostly cover them all - water, food, guns, ammo & pm or barter items. The most immediate threat I think would be hurricane - only months until hurricane s...

Exodus - 8 years ago

Don't know if any remember the CF caused by the IKE evacuation. All roads, freeways, back roads - everywhere blocked with folks going no where. They had no food, no water, no gas, pathetic. I hun...

How bad would if have to be to leave your home? - 8 years ago

Except for the use to be greenbelt behind the house, there is not a heavily wooded area close. When they remove all the dead tress from the greenbelt, there will be even less. If I knew there was a ...

B.O.B. & Evacuation Checklist - 8 years ago

An emergency that requires only a 72 hour bug out would mean to me a localized danger which could be avoided by driving 10 - 20 - 30 miles away and holing up. In that case I would grab cash, credit c...

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