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I joined this crazy place on 2011-07-14, 12 years ago.

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ISIS Warning! - 9 years ago

Judge Jeanine is sounding the alarm. Are you listening?

How Much $1 Use to Get You... - 9 years ago

Inflation is not a new subject, but below is an interesting graphic comparing what $1 got you THEN VS. NOW. I know the comparisons to the 1800's is extreme, but it's still very telling. Some inflati...

Collodial Silver - 9 years ago

I've been using this amazing stuff for over a year and LOVE it! It's 500 ppm. The stuff at your local health food store is only 10 or 20 ppm! [url=http://www.amazon.com/Natural-Path-Silver-Wing...

LDS online...WOW! - 9 years ago

Welcome Gman! Glad you're here. [i]One more question though. I want to pick up mylar bags and such. Do you have to have an appointment for that also?[/i] No. Last time I was there, you could d...

Essential Oils - 9 years ago

List #2 of favorite oils to have on-hand, especially if medicines become scarce! [url=http://www.edensgarden.com/essential-oils/single-oils/lavender#.U4yVZCj4LLg]Lavender[/url] Herbalist regard ...

Summer of Survival 2014 (12 Weeks = 24 Webinars for FREE!) - 9 years ago

Whether your a new prepper or seasoned survivalist, this sounds like a promising opportunity. These free webinars will begin on June 3rd and run every Tues. and Thurs. through Aug. 21. Check out ...

Stockpile Original Blue Dawn - 9 years ago

As preppers, we love one item with multiple uses! Check out the list I've accumulated for good old-fashioned Dawn dish washing soap! Admittedly, some of these are a little frivolous in a SHTF scen...

Essential Oils - 9 years ago

IMHO, the following essential oils cover a nice variety of health issues. I have a pretty large stockpile of OTC and Rx medicines, but every prepper knows it's smart to have back-ups for your back-up...

Feminine topic...."Aunt Flo" will still visit! - 9 years ago

Just when I thought I'd seen it all! I'm not saying I'd trade my DivaCup in for this, but it's interesting! [i][b]Sea Sponges[/b] These are used just as you?d use tampons, except they?re re-usabl...

Essential Oils - 9 years ago

[u][b]101 Ways to Use Essential Oils[/b][/u] 1. Put 5 drops of your favorite Essential Oil on a cotton ball and place in your vacuum cleaner bag. Try Peppermint, Spearmint, Cassia, Purification or ...

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