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Essential Oils

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rightwingmom (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

For years I've wanted to dabble in essential oils. The problem, they're SO DANG EXPENSIVE!

Thanks to some friends, I've found a trustworthy company who sells the same quality product for much less! The reason their costs are low is because they are NOT an MLM (multi-level marketing) company. No middle man; you purchase directly from the company. Just click on the link and check them out for yourselves.

Eden's Garden

Your BEST value is their Set of 6 Gift Set. You can purchase 6 (10 ml) oils for $22. Not all of their oils are available with this set, but plenty to get you started.

Create Your Own Gift Set

My biggest thrill was getting my hands on Thieves oil for a fraction of the cost of other companies!


Prepared, not scared!
RWM :) 

rightwingmom (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

101 Ways to Use Essential Oils

1. Put 5 drops of your favorite Essential Oil on a cotton ball and place in your vacuum cleaner bag. Try Peppermint, Spearmint, Cassia, Purification or Pine. Geranium can help with doggy odor.

2. Soak dishcloth overnight in a bowl of water and a few drops of Lemon to disinfect and kill germs.

3. Kitchen sink scrub? Mix ? cup baking soda, ? cup vinegar and 5 drops each of Bergamot and Lime. Put mixture in sink and scrub. Wash down with warm water.

4. Place 1-3 drops of Four Thieves, Purification or Hope on a cotton ball and place on bottom of trash can or diaper pail. It cuts back on odors and kills germs.

5. To clean and increase shelf life of fresh fruit, fill a bowl with cool water and 2-6 drops of Lemon. Drop washed fruit into the water and stir.

6. Use 1-2 drops Lemon to remove gum, oil, glue, adhesive or crayon from most surfaces.

7. For a carpet deodorizer? Add 5-10 drops of Lemon, Lavender, Geranium, Peppermint or Ylang Ylang to a box of baking soda. Mix well and sprinkle over carpets. Let sit for an hour or more and then vacuum. Also try Calming or Harmony.

8. To dispel of household cooking odors add a few drops of Clove, Cinnamon, Adoration, Peace or any citrus Essential Oil to a simmering pan of purified water.

9. Bathroom refresher? Put Key Lime, Calming or Purification on a cotton ball and place behind toilet.

10. When washing out the fridge, freezer or oven, add Lime, Grapefruit, Bergamot or Lemongrass to the final rinse water.

11. For general purpose cleaning? Mix 1 cup vinegar, 2 cups purified water and 10 drops of Cleaning in a spray bottle. Great for mirrors, granite and general cleaning.

12. To help keep squirrels, spiders or mice away place 3-6 drops of Peppermint on a cotton ball at the place they enter.

13. To help keep flies away? Mix 25 drops of Peppermint or Lavender with 16 oz. purified water in large spray bottle. Can be used on counter tops, windows and doors. Shake well before each use.

14. Try Edens Garden Scent Ball Plug-In Diffuser in the home or office. Designed for ease and safety, no water or flame needed. Try Clove, Jasmine, Balance, Joy, Peppermint, Ylang Ylang or Sweet Orange. Great to use if selling your home!

15. Remove cigarette smoke spray? Put 4 drops each of Rosemary, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus in a spray bottle with water. Shake well before each use.

16. Place a few drops of your favorite Essential Oil on the furnace filter; turn on the furnace fan to fill your home with a wonderful aroma. Try Vanilla, Pine, Cypress, Hope, Cinnamon Bark or Cassia during the holidays.

17. Mix a 10 ml bottle of Peppermint into a gallon can of paint to help dispel the fumes.

18. To keep a car smelling fresh, try Edens Garden Electric Car Diffuser. Add 2-8 drops of Essential Oil to the pad provided and insert pad into diffuser. Try Stress Relief, Key Lime, Joy, Balance, Adoration or Sensation.

19. A common way to use Essential Oils is by burning them in an oil burner. Mix 5-10 drops of your favorite Essential Oil and purified water in bowl provided. Then place tea light in the specified area and light. Try Joy or Peace blend.

20. Add 10-20 drops of Essential Oil to 16 oz. purified water in a spray bottle and use as an air freshener. For general use, add Lavender. Shake well before each use.

21. Pine, Frankincense, Sage and Myrrh all make wonderful firewood oils. Put 8-10 drops of Essential Oil on a dried log and allow time for the oil to soak in before putting the log on the fire (Do not drop Essential Oils on log while fire is burning).

22. Smelly shoes? Place a few drops of Geranium directly into shoes or place a cotton ball dabbed with a few drops of Lemon, Cleaning or Four Thieves into shoes to freshen them up.

23. Send your Holiday letter scented with Cassia, Cinnamon Leaf or Fir Needle. Place a few drops of oil on paper and put letters in a plastic bag. Seal and leave overnight to infuse the aroma. Try on bookmarks and stationary too. Essential Oils can leave residue on paper, please sample first.

24. For wonderful smelling towels, sheets and clothes, place 10-15 drops of Essential Oil onto a small piece of terry cloth and toss into the dryer while drying. Or add 5 drops Essential Oil to water and place in the center cup of the washer. Try Lavender, Ylang Ylang or Rose Geranium. Eucalyptus is great at combating mites.

25. Essential Oils promote alertness and stimulate memory. Inhale Grapefruit, Invigorate, Peppermint or Stay Alert occasionally while driving, reading or studying. Basil and Bergamot are said to help with concentration. Inhale during the day to increase focus.

26. To add aroma to a candle, place a few drops of your favorite oil into the hot melted wax as the candle burns. Try 3 drops each of Sweet Orange and Vanilla. For insect repellent try Citronella or Lemon Eucalyptus (Do not drop oil in candle while candle is lit).

27. Lavender and Grapefruit are both wonderful for the office. Place a few drops of each or both on the pad of an Edens Garden Plug-In Diffuser and plug into outlet. Also, try our Stress Relief, Balance, Calming and Relaxation to help create a peaceful environment.

28. Cold sores and blisters? Mix 1 drop of Four Thieves with 1 drop of an EGCO and apply to cold sore or blister 3 times a day or as needed until gone.

29. Nausea? Mix 1 drop Peppermint, Patchouli, Ginger or Nutmeg with 4 drops of an EGCO and place drops behind each ear and around navel 2-3 times hourly.

30. Sore feet? Mix 10 drops Vetiver, Patchouli or Peppermint with 1 tbsp. Epson salt and add to hot water in a basin large enough for footbath. Also try Harmony or Calming.

31. Teeth grinding? Massage 1-3 drops of Lavender and Valerian on bottom of feet each night before bed.

32. Cold and flu? Rub 1 drop of Four Thieves mixed with 1 drop of an EGCO to the bottom of feet to enhance the immune system.

33. Yoga mat cleanser? Mix 12 drops Sweet Orange, 6 drops Tea Tree and 6 drops Lavender with 4 oz. of purified water in a spray bottle. Shake the bottle and mist over your mat. Wipe clean with a soft towel before and after each use. Also try with Cleaning blend.

34. Menstrual cramps? Mix 2 drops of Clary Sage, Basil, Rosemary or Sage with 8 drops of an EGCO and apply on lower abdomen. Apply a warm moist hand towel for 10-15 minutes.

35. Headache? Mix 2 drops of Peppermint, Wintergreen, Roman Chamomile or Spearmint with 2 drops of an EGCO. Apply on back of neck, behind ears, on temples, forehead and under nose.

36. Fir Needle clears the lungs, nasal passages and sinuses. Mix 3 drops with 3 drops of an EGCO and massage onto chest.

37. Neck pain massage? Mix 1 drop of Birch, Basil, Elemi or Copaiba with 3 drops of an EGCO and rub onto neck.

38. Circulation bath? Use 8-10 drops of Neroli in bath water regularly. Try mixing with Epson salt as well!

39. Apply Lavender or Tea Tree directly to cuts, scrapes or scratches. You can also put 20 drops in a 4 oz. spray bottle with purified water and spray directly on wound.

40. 6-8 drops of Eucalyptus, Purification or Renew in the bath cools the body in summer and protects in winter.

41. Inhale the aroma of Peppermint to curb the appetite and lessen the impulse to overeat.

42. Overindulge last night? Juniper Berry, Cedarwood, Grapefruit, Lavender, Rosemary and Lemon help soften the effects of a hangover. Create your own blend of these oils and use 6-8 drops in a warm bath.

43. To help with snoring? Mix 3 drops of Thyme with 3 drops of an EGCO and apply to the soles of your feet at bedtime.

44. Jaw massage? Rub 1-2 drops of Harmony or Relaxation with 1-2 drops of an EGCO into the soft spot just below your ear lobe to release tension.

45. Try inhaling Peppermint before or during a workout to help boost mood and reduce fatigue.

46. For colds? Add 2-4 drops each of Lavender, Rosemary and Eucalyptus to 1 cup milk or cream. Pour into warm bath and soak.

47. To bring fever down, sponge the body with cool water to which 1-3 drops each of Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Lavender have been added.

48. Coffee replacement? Try placing a drop of Stay Alert or Purification in the palm of your hands, rub hands together and place them over mouth and nose, take 6 deep breaths.

49. To help ease a tension headache, massage 1-2 drops of Lavender onto the neck or temples.

50. For aching joints/tired muscles? Mix 1 drop Eucalyptus, Sage and Basil with 12 drops of an EGCO and apply to muscles/joints.

51. For better sleep, place cotton ball with 1-2 drops of Roman Chamomile and Lavender next to pillow.

52. Arthritis or stiff joints? Mix 2 drops each of Wintergreen, Cypress and Lemongrass with 2 tbsp. of an EGCO. Massage into area as needed. Shake well before each use.

53. Nail strengthening recipe? Mix 10 drops each of Frankincense, Myrrh and Lemon to 2 tbsp. Vitamin E oil. Mix ingredients together and store in amber glass bottle. Rub on nail cuticles twice a week.

54. Wrinkle reducing blend? Mix 5 drops Sandalwood, 4 drops Geranium, 3 drops Lavender and 6 drops of Frankincense with an EGCO and apply to area. Keep away from eyes.

55. Clogged pores? Apply 2-4 drops Lemon, Tea Tree or Sweet Orange to affected area and gently remove with cotton ball.

56. Dandruff blend? Mix 5 drops Lemon, 2 drops Lavender, 1 drop Rosemary and 2 drops Peppermint with 2 tbsp. of an EGCO. Massage into scalp thoroughly for 1-2 minutes, leave on scalp for 10 minutes. Shampoo hair as usual.

57. Stretch marks? Mix 5 drops Frankincense, Myrrh, Coriander or French Lavender with 5 drops of an EGCO and massage on stretch marks 2 times a day.

58. Face moisturizer? Mix 1 drop of Elemi, Frankincense or Lavender with an EGCO for an evening moisturizer before bed.

59. Natural facial scrub? Mix ? cup plain yogurt, ? cup cornmeal and 5 drops each of Patchouli, Grapefruit and Lavender. Store any unused mixture in the refrigerator and use within a few days.

60. Skin toner? Mix 8 oz. purified water, 2 drops each of Lavender, Palmarosa and Rosewood in clean bottle. Apply the toner to skin with a cotton ball after cleansing. Shake well before each use.

61. Place 1-2 drops of Rosemary or Carrot on hair brush before brushing to promote growth and thickness.

62. Perfume? Mix 25 drops of French Lavender, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Geranium, Adoration, Balance or Lavender to 1 oz. of good quality vodka. Let age 2 weeks before using. Apply as a spray on neck, wrists, behind knees or ears.

63. Stress soothing massage oil? Mix 2 drops each of Lavender, Ylang Ylang, German Chamomile and Bergamot with 5 tsp. of an EGCO. Stir mixture and massage onto body.

64. Dry hair hot oil conditioner? Mix 15 drops Rosewood and 5 drops each Sandalwood, Geranium and Lavender and 4 tbsp. of an EGCO. Place mixture in small plastic bag and place the bag in a hot cup of water for 1 minute to warm. Apply, then wrap hair in a towel for 20 minutes. Wash hair as normal.

65. Hair loss help blend? Mix 3 drops each of Rosemary, Cedarwood and Lavender with 2 oz. Jojoba Carrier Oil in a container and shake well. Massage into hair and scalp for 5 minutes. Leave on hair for 1 hour, then wash. Use 1-2 times per week.

66. Sunscreen? Mix 5 drops each of Myrrh and Carrot with 10 drops of an EGCO and apply for 40 SPF.

67. Oily hair repair blend? Mix 9 drops each of Ylang Ylang, Lime and Rosemary with 2 tbsp. of an EGCO. Mix all ingredients then massage into hair/scalp. Wash hair as normal. Use 2-3 times per week.

68. Natural lotion? Mix 8 oz. unscented lotion with 10 drops of Myrrh, 15 drops Geranium and 5 drops Ylang Ylang. Keep in an airtight container. Be creative, there are many combinations to make.

69. Ringworm? Mix 3 drops each of Tea Tree and Spearmint and 1 drop each of Peppermint and Rosemary with 10 drops of an EGCO and massage over affected area 2-4 times daily.

70. Head lice blend? Mix 3 drops each of Thyme, Lavender and Geranium with 10 drops of an EGCO and apply to scalp. Massage onto entire scalp, cover with disposable shower cap and leave on for ? hour. Shampoo and rinse well.

71. Blisters? Mix 2 drops Tea Tree with 2 drops of an EGCO and apply to blistered area 3-5 times daily as needed.

72. Bruises and scrapes? Mix 1 drop Clove and 4 drops Lavender with 5 drops of an EGCO. Apply 1-4 times daily as needed to affected area.

73. Sunburn (1st degree/no blisters)? Mix 2 drops of Lavender, Rose or Roman Chamomile with 1 tbsp. of an EGCO and apply 1-3 drops with cotton ball to affected area to help reduce inflammation.

74. Sprain? Mix 2 drops each of Basil, Pine, Kanuka and Wintergreen with 6 drops of an EGCO and apply to affected area 3-5 times daily.

75. Poison oak/ivy? Mix 3 drops of Peppermint or Wintergreen with 3 drops of an EGCO and apply to affected area twice daily.

76. Insect repellent? Mix 6 drops Peppermint, 6 drops Tea Tree and 9 drops Citronella with 1 tbsp. of an EGCO. Apply to exposed skin as needed.

77. Overactive children? Diffuse Peace, Calming, Lavender or Relaxation. Also, try applying it to bottom of feet daily.

78. Bee sting/insect bite? Apply 1-2 drops of Lavender, Peppermint or Wintergreen on a bee sting/insect bite to help with itching and swelling.

79. Nervous/anxious ease blend? Mix 3 drops of Jasmine or Sweet Marjoram with 9 drops of an EGCO and use as a body lotion daily.

80. Feeling a little down? Place 1-3 drops of Adoration, Balance, Joy, Stress Relief, Harmony or Hope in the palm of your hands, rub hands together and cup hands over mouth and nose. Take 6 slow deep breaths and think of a moment in the last week you really enjoyed.

81. The aroma of Rose can provide alleviation from depressive symptoms. It can be used in baths, inhalations and aromatherapy burners to provide a mood boost during times of stress and fatigue.

82. Inhale 6-12 deep breaths of Frankincense before bed time and meditate on your day for a ?Good Night.? Frankincense is said to create clarity of mind, calm the emotions and enhance spiritual awareness.

83. Use Myrrh, Frankincense, Myrtle or Cypress to pray and anoint each other as seen in the Bible verse ?call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord.?

84. The Great King David used Hyssop when he prayed the prayer in Psalm 51:10 ?Create in me a clean heart oh God and renew a right spirit within me...? Apply Hyssop with an EGCO to temples and neck and pray the same.

85. Cassia and Cinnamon are in God?s Holy anointing oil described in scriptures Exodus 30:22-31. Try smelling them before going to place of worship.

86. Queen Esther, (Esther 2:12) was massaged with Myrrh for 6 months in preparation for her marriage to the king. Massage on with an EGCO or inhale.

87. Spikenard was poured over Jesus? feet days before he died. Inhale ancient and spiritual Spikenard while meditating on the sacrifice of the cross.

88. Before yoga inhale Meditation, Relaxation, Balance or Harmony for an enhanced experience.

89. Bridal shower gift? Aphrodisiac, Sensation, Rose and Love for the bride! Can be used for romantic baths, with a Scent Ball Plug-In Wall Diffuser or as a perfume on neck and wrists.

90. Bridal shower love potion gift? Place 20 drops of Sandalwood, 4 drops of Cocoa, 1 drop Rose in a container to be used as a perfume. Also try ?Cocoa Vanilla Bliss? lotion? Place 40 drops Cocoa and 10 drops Vanilla and mix in 4 oz. of an EGCO for a sweet lotion.

91. Baby shower gift? Scent Ball Plug-In Wall Diffuser with Lavender or French Lavender to bring calming to a mother and baby! Perfect for the baby?s room.

92. Newly pregnant mother?s gift! Morning sickness can be aided with Sweet Orange, Lemon, Peppermint, or Ginger. Can be inhaled straight from the bottle or diluted with your favorite EGCO to be rubbed on tummy.

93. Father?s Day gift? Stress Relief or Relaxation for car with Edens Garden Electric Car Diffuser will fill car and encourage mood to and from work.

94. A birthday is a great time to give the basics in Essential Oils. Try Edens Garden most popular Top 6 Basic Essential Oil Set.

95. Birthday bath salts? Mix 1 cup each of Epson salt and baking soda and 20-30 drops of Essential Oil. Try Adoration, Joy, French Lavender or Ylang Ylang. Use ? cup per bath. Put it in a cute container or mason jar.

96. House warming gifts? Make French Lavender bags for wardrobe by sewing material in squares and dropping oil on them to be placed in closets and drawers.

97. Winter holiday gift? Spruce, Cinnamon, Clove, Pine, Fir Needle and Vanilla fill the home with comfort and love. Great with an Eden Garden Scent Ball Plug-In Wall Diffuser or to place a few drops in simmering hot water on the stove to fill the house with holiday cheer!
When Traveling

98. Mix Four Thieves and purified water in spray bottle to kill germs. Great places to spray are in front of the A/C unit and allow mixture to go through filter, on bed covers, sheets, pillowcases and even on public toilets.

99. Bring Lavender and Chamomile with you on planes to help calm little travelers that may feel cooped up. Place on their wrists or a tissue and inhale.

100. Immune boost? Mix 1 drop Oregano with 4 drops of an EGCO and rub on the bottom of feet to help boost immune system when flying on a plane with possible sick people.

101. Peppermint can ease motion sickness. Rub 2 drops of Peppermint on abdomen area or inhale to help alleviate.

Eden's Garden: 101 Ways to Use Essential Oils 

rightwingmom (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

IMHO, the following essential oils cover a nice variety of health issues. I have a pretty large stockpile of OTC and Rx medicines, but every prepper knows it's smart to have back-ups for your back-ups!

These would be my top picks for when TEOTWAWKI happens:

1. Four Thieves Blend

Four Thieves synergy blend was created based on the historical account of four thieves in France who protected themselves from the black plague with cloves, rosemary, and other aromatics while robbing victims of the killer disease. When captured, they were offered a lighter sentence in exchange for their secret recipe. Four Thieves oil blend includes Clove, Cinnamon Bark, Rosemary, Lemon and Eucalyptus and has been specially blended to offer the same kind of defense.


2. Exhale Blend

Exhale is fresh, minty and citrus and a respiratory blend for common respiratory issues. It can help you to not only exhale, but to breathe with ease, by helping to cleanse and soothe the airways. This notable blend has a pleasant aroma, is calming to the senses and perfect for night time diffusion allowing for peaceful sleep. Contains: Eucalyptus, Lemon, Peppermint, Ravensara and Tea Tree


3. Head Ease Blend

Head Ease is minty, earthy and clear and a tension relief blend created for the discomforts associated with headaches to provide calming comfort. This therapeutic blend of dynamic and active oils help fight tension, so you can relax. Contains: Basil, Chamomile, Frankincense, Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary, Sweet Marjoram and Wintergreen.


4. Frankincense

The therapeutic properties of Frankincense include use as an antiseptic, astringent, carminative, digestive, diuretic, sedative, tonic and expectorant. Frankincense is said to help rejuvenate the aging skin, and is effective with bacterial and fungal infections. The anti-inflammatory property of this oil is reputed to be an effective treatment for joint pain and arthritis. Frankincense can also be used as an insect repellent and is also widely used in cosmetics and soap manufacturing. It has a grounding aroma, and often used in medication.


5. Oregano

Due to high carvacol and thymol content, it is considered to be "nature's cure all" as it is reputed to have potent antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial and anti-parasitic properties. In topical applications, it can be used to treat itches, skin infections, cuts and wounds; and because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it is effective against swelling and pain caused by rheumatism. For aromatherapy purposes, it is useful in blends to treat symptoms associated with colds, flues, bronchitis and other respiratory ailments. It can also be used as a fragrance component in soaps, colognes and perfumes, especially men's fragrances.


6. Lemon Myrtle

An extremely potent antibacterial and germicide, Lemon Myrtle is reputed to be a much more effective germ killer than the more familiar Tea Tree.


7. Helichrysum

Helichrysum is extremely respected for its skin healing properties. It is commonly applied to burns, older sun-damaged skin, and to minimize scarring. It is very effective as an anti-microbial agent, anti-fungal agent, and for use in creams and lotions due to its ability to filter UV rays. Helichrysum Oil can be used to soothe away deep emotional stress and diffuse anger and destructive feelings.


Don't forget!

Eden's Garden Carrier Oils


Carrier Oils on Amazon 

rightwingmom (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

List #2 of favorite oils to have on-hand, especially if medicines become scarce!


Herbalist regard Lavender as the most useful and versatile essential oil for therapeutic purposes. Lavender is the essential oil most commonly associated with burns and healing of the skin. It also has antiseptic and analgesic properties which will ease the pain of a burn and prevent infection. It also has cytophylactic properties that promote rapid healing and help reduce scarring. The aroma of Lavender is said to have a calming effect on the body and it can be used to reduce anxiety, stress and promote sleep. Lavender is a very therapeutic grade comparable in status to the better known Lavender Population. The different soil, temperature, precipitation, etc. contributes to some subtle changes in aroma, the greatest advantage being for more sophisticated label claims.



It is widely credited with being a digestive aid. The leaves contain menthol, which is a proven aid to digestion. The familiar aroma of Peppermint is known for both its warming and cooling properties. Friendly to the sinuses, it is also useful to the muscular system, especially for women during monthly cycles or menopause. Properties include being refreshing, a mental stimulant and energizing. It relieves bad breath and is a good nerve tonic that helps with mental fatigue and nervous stress.



Clove is an effective agent for minor pains and aches (particular dental pain), and is helpful when battling flu and colds.



Basil can be used to clear the sinuses, promote digestion and stimulate circulation, especially in the respiratory system.



Hyssop is known to ease sore throats caused by sinus issues. Some authorities believe it can relieve bronchial spasms and thus might be helpful for asthma attacks. The therapeutic properties of Hyssop are as an anti-rheumatic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, carminative, cicatrizant, digestive, diuretic, emmenagogue, expectorant, nervine, sedative, stimulant, a tonic and as a vulnerary agent.



Its actions are characterized as the following: antimicrobial, antifungal, astringent and healing, tonic and stimulant, carminative, stomachic, anti-catarrhal, expectorant, diaphoretic, vulnerary, locally antiseptic, immune stimulant, bitter, circulatory stimulant, anti-inflammatory, and antispasmodic.


The last oil on his posting is not medical, but for cleaning. Although maintaining sanitation during a collapse will become priority. This is an excellent item to have on hand!

Cleaning Blend

Cleaning synergy blend has antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic qualities. Great for counters, floors, tile, toilets, sinks ovens, windows and wood.

For general purpose cleaning- mix 1 cup vinegar, 2 cups purified water & 20-30 drops of Cleaning blend essential oil in a spray bottle. Shake before each use. For floors or larger cleaning areas, double or triple recipe. For wood surfaces, add olive oil to recipe.

Contains: Lavender, Lemongrass, Rosemary & Tea Tree


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