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Deep Cycle Batteries - 7 years ago

We don't but would like to hear responses too! DH bought one years ago at Walmart and it desperately needs to be replaced. Are you looking for 6 or 12 volt?

Essential Oils - 7 years ago

For years I've wanted to dabble in essential oils. The problem, they're SO DANG EXPENSIVE! Thanks to some friends, I've found a trustworthy company who sells the same quality product for much less...

Off Grid Entertainment - 7 years ago

KEEP THIS THREAD CLEAN! :) Imagine a world without: online or hand-held gaming, Pinterest, Facebook, cable, movies, etc. In the event our technological conveniences are interrupted, what plans do...

It's time to get serious about prepping - 7 years ago

Footage/Coverage of Russia?s Invasion of Crimea. Here's the first of 15 videos from an independent journalist bravely trying to get the truth out. This is a dangerous chess game being played out...

DIY Sterno Burners - 7 years ago

Sterno burners are an excellent item to stockpile. [img]http://zenstoves.net/GelledAlcohol/SmallSterno.jpg[/img] Along with a collapsible camp stove, you can prepare very basic meals. These are ...

Small Animal Traps - 7 years ago

It's a common idea that during or after a collapse, a prepper can simply hunt for their protein. This is a good theory riddled with misconceptions. What if you live in an urban or suburban area?...

Homemade Laundry Soap - 7 years ago

As a coupon shopper, I have stockpiled a LOT of laundry detergent. However, as a prepper I'm a firm believer in back ups! I've used the following recipes, liquid and dry, and found them reasonable a...

100 Hour Candles for Pennies! - 7 years ago

^^^ The winner is...the candle on the far right! I've burned the Classico Alfredo jar, several nights a week, for most of the winter. (On some cold days I burned it all day, easily 12 + hours.) ...

Water! (Update) - 7 years ago

Cooking Off Grid - 7 years ago

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