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How Much $1 Use to Get You...

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rightwingmom 1

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rightwingmom (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

Inflation is not a new subject, but below is an interesting graphic comparing what $1 got you THEN VS. NOW. I know the comparisons to the 1800's is extreme, but it's still very telling. Some inflation is a natural part of our economic system, but today's inflation is NOT natural. My concern is that this is just the beginning.

Stockpiling items while costs are reasonable can mean the difference when (not if) hyperinflation hits. We're already seeing evidence of hidden inflation in all our products. Companies are reducing their packaging sizes (often redesigning to disguise the change) then either maintaining the cost or raising it slightly. The result is much more drastic inflation rate than the average consumer realizes!

In the end, if you don't have hard assets set aside, the day will come when we wake up to $5/gallon milk and $7/gallon gas. That will NOT be a pretty day for Americans! Be smart by being prepared.



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