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Feminine topic...."Aunt Flo" will still visit!

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rightwingmom 2

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rightwingmom (Mod) --- 10 years ago -

For many prepper women, the idea of dealing with our monthly period during a SHTF event is daunting. Here are a few ideas I've gathered over the past few years.

1. STOCKPILE tampons and pads...This is achievable but can be costly and occupy precious storage space. Shopping with coupons can help off set the cost.

2. Learn to make your own pads. There are several DIY sites with useful instructions and patterns. These instructions, basic sewing skills and a stockpile of materials is all you'll need.
Here are a few sources:
Hilly Billy Housewife
Tip Nut
Beautifully Sewn

3. My final suggestion may be the winner...IMHO. It's the Diva Cup. I purchased one about 2 years ago and tossed it in my SHTF stockpile. Then Lisa Bedford at The Survival Mom wrote a review on the product. She convinced me to try it. Three months later and I'm convinced. This is an awesome product that will save my sanity (and sanitation) in a post-collapse world! It takes some getting use to but the benefits far out weigh the difference. I've since purchased a second cup. The first is for regular use, the second is in my B.O.B. Take a minute and click on Lisa's article.

The Survival Mom's Review

BTW ~ The Diva Cup comes in two styles:
Model 1 for pre-childbirth
Model 2 for post child-birth 

rightwingmom (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

Just when I thought I'd seen it all!
I'm not saying I'd trade my DivaCup in for this, but it's interesting!

Sea Sponges
These are used just as you?d use tampons, except they?re re-usable and biodegradable. You can either buy the ones made specifically for use as tampons or you can simply buy sea sponges, sterilize them, and make your own for a fraction of the cost.

Read more at: Survivorpedia: Female Items

Amazon: Sea Sponge Tampons


Amazon: Regular Sea Sponges


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