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Beginning the journey

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Basher FiveTwo --- 7 years ago -

Not sure where to begin so I'll just start at the basics. Food/water. I recomend this web site for calculating how much food and water you will need per family member. www.providentliving.org

This is a LDS Mormon website, and though I am not Mormon, they will help you with all your needs/questions about canning and food/water storage. I use 5 gallon airtight buckets and number ten cans to store beans, rice, wheat, corn, sugar, powdered milk, and so on. I use the large mylar bags and then place oxygen absorbers into them(buckets), seal them and then drop them into the sealable buckets... good for thirty years. Heres a guy to watch on that kind of stuff.


This is just how this guy does it at home. I do all of mine at the actual cannery in Houston (LDS Cannery).

Now, for some other foods such as meats..chicken, beef, and pork. I jar my own with one of these.


I learned alot of my canning/jarring of meats and veggies thru the local Mormon familys. These woman can store some grub!

Now onto water...


These are for illustration. I use these and store them in my detatched garage. I have a hook up thru some fellow badges and I get them for around 25 bucks. You just have to look around. You need ATLEAST 1 gallon of drinkingw ater per person, per day. And thats if your just sitting on your rear end and not farming or exerting yourself. This is why I am working on my water well to get water manualy from a hand pump. Because when electricity goes...im out of luck amd without water, you will die in a week.

I dont want to go to much farther until you tell me what you know/dont know. That way I am not repeating what you already have.


rightwingmom (Mod) --- 7 years ago -

Sounds like you have a great start. Amazing once your eyes are open, you can't get things together fast enough. It CAN be overwhelming for newbies!

LDS has been a wealth of information and great source for food and products for us! I deeply appreciate that they help without trying to convert. We're ALL in this together!

I have the exact same Presto cooker/canner. LOVE it! I haven't canned anything in months. Spring's around the corner...watch out! Mom's got the canning itch again! LOL

In addition to the 23 quart Presto, consider getting their 6 quart cooker. I use my A LOT and love it. It cuts down on fuel consumption and time. I've also successfully made pinto beans in the pressure cooker over my rocket stove. The only fuel was limbs from the backyard.

I have the same water siphon. Found my 55 gallon barrels off Craigslist. I think they were about $20 a piece.

No worries about being redundant. Do try surfing the site for thread and topics. Some topics have already been brought up and you may find a wealth of information from months ago.

Keep prepping and glad you're here! 

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