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I joined this crazy place on 2013-04-25, 9 years ago.

» save seawolf as my FRIEND - HOSER

I am a 59 year young man who has leared the hard way that the shit can hit anyones fan at any time.

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What do you think...Poo Management - 9 years ago

Check out plans for a composter toilet

Questions about bugging out and BOL - 9 years ago

I have ran many what ifs in mind and practice. If all else fails I will have to walk to my BOL. I took 4 five gallon buckets (food grade) and put a 3 day kit for 2 in them. Along the routes I can tak...

What to do between calling 911 and the police arriving... - 9 years ago

And WHERE in America can you get a police response time of 2 minutes??? The white house.

Some Thoughts on Prep items not usually discussed - 9 years ago

I agree food, water, meds an protction first then if you can buy silver or gold go for it. That saod DON'T buy the high intrensic value coins.(I would hate to trade a 500.00 silver dolar for bread an...

Bug out location - 9 years ago

I don't know how deep the well is but you may be able to pull the pump by hand. You can take the pump to a shop and have it tested. The pump motor is not to expencive. WHEN THE PUMP IS OUT OF THE WEL...

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