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Questions about bugging out and BOL

who's talking here?

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ntxpreppergal --- 9 years ago -

Hi everyone! I'm new to this group but not new to the idea of prepping. My husband has just recently "got on board" and we are looking for a BOL. We are in a city subdivision and think bugging in may become too dangerous in the event of social meltdown, but not being able to reach the BOL safely scares the poo out of me! We're looking at East Texas and Southern OK. I know every BOL has its advantages and disadvantages, but here's my concerns:
Texas Trans Corridor...is it happening?
Red River Army Depot...could become very difficult to get east, they could set up barriers? Hard to lay low, choppers? How close is too close? I don't want to be anywhere near military area in a crisis.
Southern OK is less populated, and less major interstates but do you think it would be impossible to cross state line in martial law? I know bugging out early before the masses is key, but I believe that's a narrow window, too. We all can have our scenarios, so what are your thoughts for those areas? Thanks :) 

rightwingmom (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

Welcome to the forum. Glad you jumped in. Looking forward to learning from you.

I've been prepping since 2008 and there are two main rules:
1. You're NEVER finished prepping.
2. There's ALWAYS something new to learn!

You raise some interesting points about choosing a BOL. We live in the suburbs too and the need to leave is always in the back of our mind. Luckily we have family with acreage about 2 hours from us. We'd bug out there.

I've heard east TX has land for sale at reasonable prices. Agree that crossing state lines COULD become an issue and is something to consider. Personally, if you HAD to choose land in another state, OK would seem a better choice. (Okies and Texans are very like-minded.)

As far as being off major interstates and away from military facilities, I see pros and cons. You're away from populated areas that could have increased violence and chaos but your also isolated from any immediate help...which some preppers prefer.

Last I heard, the Texas Trans Corridor was still on, but in light of recent events (Federal especially), progress on that could slow significantly! (IMHO) 

meftx1 --- 9 years ago -

I am also new to the group and in the suburbs of a large metroplex (OK, Houston. I agrre with rightwingmom in that I believe the TTC will be slowed down due to the Feds.

Unfortunitly the Feds are my main reason for prepping in the first place. I will steer as far away from anything they are involved in as I possibly can.

My BOL is finally taking shape. Land bought, site prepped, and well dug (natural water available as well). I am working on the perimeter and having plans drawn up for the main shelter.

My big concern is getting to the BOL in a timely manner when the SHTF. I am 4 hours away from my BOL. I am considering a "midway" BOL that I already had but was not suited for long term survival. How could you prep that without someone else taking it over before you get there?

Enjoying everyones posts 

seawolf --- 9 years ago -

I have ran many what ifs in mind and practice. If all else fails I will have to walk to my BOL.
I took 4 five gallon buckets (food grade) and put a 3 day kit for 2 in them. Along the routes I can take I have buried them so I can get to them as needed. Only 1 is buried with land owners permission (fellow prepper)
At my BOL most of my stuff is in unmarked cashes (prevents losses)A bunker would be great but if you don't commute from the BOL daily losses will happen. 

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