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What do you think...Poo Management

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jsd455 --- 11 years ago -

What to do with the POO...? 

rightwingmom (Mod) --- 11 years ago -

Sanitation IS a concern in a world if utilities and trash collection become erratic or discontinue all together!

DH and I have plans to create an outhouse. (a.k.a. privy) We've stockpiled lime to help control the fecal matter.

As far as personal hygiene, we're avid campers and are equipped to create an outdoor shower. We also have a large supply of baby wipes and supplies to make homemade wipes to keep clean in between, if the old "bath on Saturday night" returns to our society!

Burying or burning your trash is another option but what about your neighbors? In the event that trash begins piling up I suggest a large stockpile of rodent and insect poison. At least you can TRY to keep your home and property from being invaded. 

LiveFreeOrDie (Admin) --- 11 years ago -

It would also be a good idea to have a 55 gallon metal drum on hand. That could easily be used as a trash incinerator. 

MYSTRY UNLEASHED --- 11 years ago -

if its yellow let it mellow
if its brown flush it down 

jsd455 --- 11 years ago -

@ Mystery: AMEN! 

seawolf --- 10 years ago -

Check out plans for a composter toilet 

changeisdue --- 10 years ago -

On an episode of doomsday preppers we saw something similar to a diaper genie for solid waste. Lady called it poo sausage. If interested I can look back on my dvr for specific episode. 

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