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Some Thoughts on Prep items not usually discussed

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oneyedman (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

I was contemplating the crash of out fiat currency, the rise of runaway inflation and the subsequest situation for those not already in possession of gold and silver.....

Of course many of us not willing or able to buy quantities of gold and silver invest much of our resources in other commodities, like food storage....

But in thinking of the coming economic collapse it will also be of value to develop skills that may be in short supply (gardening, homsteading, etc).....

I think that alongside our preps for food, water and skill we should not forget very important items that may be hard to obtain..... I am thinking of TOOLS.....

Picks, shovels, hammers,nails, drills......

As these things often break and as the cost of new tools will be expensive beyond the reach of most, tools serve to help us build and repair as well as being a valuable barter items......

So go get an extra spade and pick, axe and a supply of nails..... Cheap now, invaluable later...... 

Loki --- 9 years ago -

That's great advice. 

partsmaster1 --- 9 years ago -

Purchase large quantities of cheap liquor and tobacco. Analgesics and antibiotics. These four items will be valuable commodities should we experience complete financial collapse. 

rightwingmom (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

Consider the health issues of your immediate family and think about helping them without their common medicines.

Our youngest son has asthma. Thankfully his is a mild case, but his rare attacks scare me! I have spent years researching and stockpiling alternative methods to treat him during an attack. 

seawolf --- 9 years ago -

I agree food, water, meds an protction first then if you can buy silver or gold go for it.
That saod DON'T buy the high intrensic value coins.(I would hate to trade a 500.00 silver dolar for bread and milk)Buy cull coins that are so worn you can't read the dat anymore. The scrap weight is what you will be trading WTSHTF.
Just a thought 

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