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I joined this crazy place on 2011-10-16, 11 years ago.

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Buy Your Commodities Now! - 11 years ago

It's my meal prayer--dh knows, here it comes; it's only 5 words...but says so much."Thank you for our farmers" I commented on the blog--you probably read an Oklahoma farmer's response to the beef iss...

Buy Your Commodities Now! - 11 years ago

That's cute---I have a 8 X 8 pantry...and a bedroom with my stuff. I call it the grocery storage to keep dh straight. I love it when I need anything; I just tell him I'm off to the grocery room...an...

Top Ten Foods for Stocking Up - 11 years ago

Yep--at least one is awake--the one that bought all the milk..and I did the same when I went. I discovered someone on the prepper site today that lives in my old county in Tn(within 25 0r 30 miles)...

Top Ten Foods for Stocking Up - 11 years ago

Update: someone is buying the Gossner's milk. I had to go to a different Dollar Tree further from home to get it. Hmmm.

Buy Your Commodities Now! - 11 years ago

dh went to Walgreen's for jelly(40 oz) and P.B...well, he got several jellies for $1.50 each and p.b. didn't come in so, a rain check. I think 16 oz for $1.50 is a good price. I keep mine (22 jars) ...

Staying cool - 11 years ago

I read in emergencies, and this doesn't apply to total collapse, use the car a/c to cool off a few times a day. We have about 40 gallons in the shed...and of course 2 vehicles (mine) stay near full. ...

Antibiotics - 11 years ago

ampicillin is on my 'to get' list...from feed store--I'm thinking TSC..hopefully.

Rule of 3 ( not my original ) - 11 years ago

Three ways to purify water: 1. boiling 2. Pool Shock 3. filtration Done..and alum and coffee filters for the big sediments.

Inflation!?!?!? - 11 years ago

I read of the shorter rolls..I watch for Dollar General for 24 Double rolls @ $9 and Big Lots for 24 @ $8. That's the best prices I've found here. I have noticed the same oz in canned soups, but...

Buy Your Commodities Now! - 11 years ago

Thanks--I'm just sad because I have no community; no neighbors that share my commitment to staying alive?? I hate that word --one of those I always have to use webster---two t's or one?? Yep--one....

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