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who's talking here?

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LiveFreeOrDie (Admin) --- 12 years ago -

Who the heck do they think they are fooling!?!?!?

Today when I made my cup of oatmeal I noticed it was quite runny, (Really don't like runny oatmeal) so I promptly looked at the package to see what amount of water was required. 1/3 cup....


I still had an older package in my possession to compare... 1/2 cup!!!!


rightwingmom (Mod) --- 12 years ago -

Yep...reducing packaging sizes is a little trick the companies have discovered. Clever way to disguise inflation!

BTW ~ I've been stockpiling Scott (12 count) toilet paper. About 9 months ago I placed my newest purchase on the stockpile shelf to realize the package was nearly 1 inch shorter than the others. Scott has made their rolls more narrow by nearly 1/2 an inch. Hmmmmm! 

5 Rah --- 12 years ago -

RWM ~ say it isn't so!!! Not Scott TP! It's my favorite.

Know what I noticed? Check your saltine crackers. Last year I noticed the holes in the crackers were bigger. I guess they figured they could save a significant amount of dough$$ with all the extra "dough" saved per hole! Bigger the hole, less dough used; more dough$$ made.

Live Free... I like my oatmeal soupy but I don't like being ripped off!

Geesh...I guess they think all the sheeple in the crowd just won't notice. 

Committed --- 12 years ago -

I read of the shorter rolls..I watch for Dollar General for 24 Double rolls @ $9 and Big Lots for 24 @ $8.

That's the best prices I've found here.

I have noticed the same oz in canned soups, but the can is so small and skinny---saving on aluminum?? 

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