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I joined this crazy place on 2011-10-16, 11 years ago.

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Buy Your Commodities Now! - 11 years ago

oneyedman...I'll sleep and pray on that sentiment..God warned at Sodom and Gomorra...and He warned before the flood...and He shut that door, not Noah. Aren't the droughts and floods and locusts warni...

Buy Your Commodities Now! - 11 years ago

rightwingmom...I told you on the prepper blog when you gave your link--I'd like to visit and read comments...Yes, I'm JayJay Happy christian day!

Buy Your Commodities Now! - 11 years ago

I'm in Ky---Know of no preppers or those storing supplies and food anywher near...and it is really scary. Dh and I are on our own. My neighbors are just so laid back about the food price increases a...

Buy Your Commodities Now! - 11 years ago

Thanks 5 Rah...didn't hear about not having any P.B.

Top Ten Foods for Stocking Up - 11 years ago

I just bought it because of the family owned thing..and I was on a prepper site and someone posted a comment about Gossner's at Dollar Tree---I thought, whoa, I've got that...chilled it and used it an...

IF the grocery stores were empty - - 11 years ago

I must tell this story--I was getting help reaching the 32 oz generic macaroni from the manager/owner?? of the store..and we began talking about why I needed all those, blah, blah..and he said, my wif...

Water Filtration - 11 years ago

I have a Berkey Light, extra filters, alum, coffee filters(great for TP I read today!!!), pool shock...and of course boiling technique.

Buy Your Commodities Now! - 11 years ago

Ya know the 5 oz. canned chicken?? I have been storing that for about 3 years, and remarked how it stayed at $1--well, at the store last Saturday, $1.19. It was bound to happen. If the large can ...

What did you prep this week?? - 11 years ago

Fall garden?? I am so jealous---we didn't even have a summer garden...I'm in Ky and our soil is rocky.. no way can we have a garden here.

Packing your own food...at home - 11 years ago

What do you guys think about the oven method using canning jars for flour and cornmeal?? I did it for LTS...48 quart jars.

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