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Convincing Others...?

who's talking here?

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jsd455 --- 9 years ago -

In all my reading, I've only come across one article on convincing those who aren't already doing it to prep.

Suggestions included....avoid scaring them, teach preparedness skills cloaked in "camping" or other activity, but mostly don't scare anybody b/c fear will only make them shove their heads back in the sand.

I pray for them (of late, the weight of impending doom has turned my stoicism to choking back tears as I pray), and I pester them. Fear motivated me, but I am, admittedly atypical.

What do you think>
What got YOU started/motivated?
Do you have any converts? If so, how'd you snag 'em? 

LiveFreeOrDie (Admin) --- 9 years ago -

I started a thread called "the argument for prepping" a while back, my goal was to present it in a way that appeal to almost anyone.


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