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Douglas Bateman

I joined this crazy place on 2012-11-11, 9 years ago.

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I was in the midst of launching YouNationwide when... I was educated upon what, and who I was going up against. You see, I had worked on for several years as media changed.A way to change the media industry forever. Not realizing how powerful the major players in the game of media and music were. My plan was simple, I set up a platform similar to the stock market separating values as statutory rates (payment for playing to consumers),royalties,pay per clicks, events, concerts, exposure to talent for work and so on. I had received a lot of exposure from individuals. I didn't really know what I had or the magnitude of what other corporations might think until the pressure began with the threats and the walls put up. I couldn't go on with the site... but I haven't given up. Just in a different approach to help others in another way. I am interested in joining your Texas commodity if you may have me.. Signed, I believe, there for I am. Quoted from Steven Hawking Douglas Bateman

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Douglas Bateman - 9 years ago

I network with people all across the U.S. about the NWO and information that is real and factual. The government today, and the executive orders put in place that most don't see nor understand. I answ...

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