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Douglas Bateman

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Douglas Bateman --- 9 years ago -

I network with people all across the U.S. about the NWO and information that is real and factual. The government today, and the executive orders put in place that most don't see nor understand. I answer the questions and form teams called skill set groups that help each other now and in times of crisis. From power, food and relocations (Not FEMA camps).
The power is in numbers as we spread the word that being an American may very well be an extinction as we know it.
On the verge of being the last of the humanitarian, or the sense of the word that protects the common values of the future of our children today ... and that is called freedom.
There's a lot that you most likely don't know because most Americans are taught to believe whats on TV, but what is on TV is all the major media corporations that are all a part of the Bilderberg Group.
They are the corporate designers of our own government that has rewrote our Declaration of Independence into an invoice to collect from us, yes we the people.
We are no longer called we the people, but replaced as a mere constituent, consumer and highlighted as the casualties for the greater of "corporate financial greed.
As you read on, it almost leaves you with a caustic metallic taste in your mouth to actually see where we are today and where we are going.
It's one small step for man, and one giant leap for the corporate elite. As we look back and see our carbon foot print left behind we realize we stepped in some sh*t.
Our nations independence were the colors of red, white and blue, and It used to stand for something. The great minds of a better way of thinking, living and or just an understanding.
The government and the corporate regimes has tarnished the mere thought of the greater good for the future of all.
We are now segregated by FEMA'S watch list and divided by red, blue and yellow without us even knowing.
Do your research.......

We are on the verge of major tension and it's time to think smart, reevaluate, prepare and educate through facts and not fiction.
Here is my personal email everyone, and I do reply.. Thanks and God bless...

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