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5 Rah

I joined this crazy place on 2011-09-24, 12 years ago.

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Two Questions ??????? - 8 years ago

1. Last week while watching Fox News First (yes, I was up at 4:00 a.m.!) they had a short promo about the man that beheaded the woman at work in Oklahoma. The report stated "Obama had sent the man a...

Ebola - Are you ready? - 8 years ago

[b]This email from Lisa, the "Survival Mom" is a no panic approach - the thing I like best about "rightwingmom"'s postings![/b][i][/i] Brace yourself! This isn't a doomsday, all-is-lost email! ...

It's time to get serious about prepping - 9 years ago

[i]Credit for this goes to George Ure over at www.UrbanSurvival.com[/i][u][/u] "[b]Get seriously into gardening and home food production as soon as you humanly can. Or, you?re an idiot.[/b] I fir...

Grid Down ~ Blackout Curtains? - 9 years ago

I purchased a neat "black out" shade @ Walmart. It was inexpensive - accordian style with sticky tape on the top. Just cut to fit the window ( I would cut to the outside dimensions in order to be sur...

Clay Pot Heater - 9 years ago

I had a chance to experience one of these heaters last week. A friend brought their's over to demo it and I can tell you it works! Nice and toasty ~ the clay pot was warm to the touch at first and g...

Clay Pot Heater - 9 years ago

one more thing...would the hole being covered by the washer/bolt VS the open hole in the top in the other version make a difference in how much heat is being radiated?

Clay Pot Heater - 9 years ago

Thanks for the headsup about the candles!! I will stick with the regular wax votive or tea lights for sure!!

Clay Pot Heater - 9 years ago

Clay pots have so many uses - I really like this one! Think the candles RWM made using the mason jar filled with shortening would work well with this. I am also reminded of using two clay pots and so...

100 Hour Candles for Pennies! - 9 years ago

rwm - thanks for sharing another great idea! Love this one. Having enough light is one of my big concerns :O

Edible Yard! - 10 years ago

Yes, this awesome! I have saved it to my favorite places. Especially like the warnings - need to be careful before consuming foraged food :O Great pictures!

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