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5 Rah

I joined this crazy place on 2011-09-24, 12 years ago.

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Free Eggs - 10 years ago

thx for the headsup - need to ck the Brookshire Bros down my way...loving "free" - well...not as in free love of the '60's but as in loving free stuff - oh never mind; I'll go check our local BB and g...

Who wants to have a Meet Up?? - 10 years ago

[i]changeisdue[/i] thanks, another good use for duck tape - been wondering what to do with all those bean cans! [i]oneeyed[/i] - love to have a meet up - I'm not a cat, have no beard, and don't lea...

"A note about your Prepper Puppy" - 10 years ago

From: George Ure over at UrbanSurvival.com A Note About Your "Prepper Puppy" Say, got a nice note from our friends over at [b]www.preparewise.com[/b] and they have a new goody in their lineup...

How do I ground my metal trash can? - 10 years ago

Got my answer - called my DB. Now if I can do this w/o catching anything on fire :O I'll start protecting "stuff".

How do I ground my metal trash can? - 10 years ago

Hi all ~ I just bought a metal trash can - 30 gallon - to use as a faraday cage. I read that it needs to be grounded - how do I ground it? I am going to line it with cardboard and wrap my electrica...

Clorox vs Peroxide - 10 years ago

I found this article written by Becky Ramsey on a doll making site I visit often - Dollmaker'sJourney.com "VERY interesting and inexpensive. This was written by Becky Ransey of Indiana (a doctor's ...

Mark Levin Raises BIG Warning! - 10 years ago

Everyone needs to hear this and pass it on to others ~

Does anyone have a source for a battery run indoor heater? - 10 years ago

Thanks for the great advice and the link - very interesting. For a long term solution I will take the sleeping bag and that man of mine - even though the meds he is on makes him very cold :O He does...

Bug out location - 10 years ago

Congrats!!!! Very proud of you :) Improvements will come - for now you have a place to set your feet on and call it yours! I don't know about wells so I can't offer advice but in the meantime I wou...

Does anyone have a source for a battery run indoor heater? - 10 years ago

I need a source to keep warm w/o electricity, no available gas source, no fireplace and if the sun isn't out, no solar. [b] Are there any battery run space heaters? [/b] If we were stuck indoors and t...

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