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who's talking here?

rightwingmom 1

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rightwingmom (Mod) --- 8 years ago -

I'm not a huge proponent of CNN, but this is too disturbing to not pass along.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee will take up a bipartisan authorization bill Wednesday for the use of force in Syria, sources told CNN.

The resolution, which limits the authorization to 60 days with an option for an additional 30 days, was revised to address some of the concerns expressed during a Senate committee hearing Tuesday.

At the hearing, top U.S. officials faced tough questions from senators about plans for military strikes as House leaders lined up behind President Barack Obama's call to punish Syria for an August poison gas attack near Damascus.

Afterward, Foreign Relations Chairman Robert Menendez, D-New Jersey, said he and the committee's ranking Republican, Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker successfully negotiated a revised bill.

According to a copy of that text, provided to CNN by a legislative source, the bill limits the authorization to 60 days with an option for an additional 30-day deadline. It also makes clear there would be no U.S. boots on the ground.

"Together we have pursued a course of action that gives the President the authority he needs to deploy force in response to the Assad regime's criminal use of chemical weapons against the Syrian people, while assuring that the authorization is narrow and focused, limited in time, and assures that the Armed Forces of the United States will not be deployed for combat operations in Syria," Menendez said.

"With this agreement, we are one step closer to granting the President the authority to act in our national security interest," he added.

Source: CNN

Muslim terrorists murdered 4 of our own in Lybia....nothing from O! Actually, it's become part of the "phony scandal" propaganda from this administration.

Coptic Christians are being slaughtered by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, AND crying out for help...we turn our backs on them!

Thousands are slaughtered in Uganda a the hands of Al Qaeda....not worthy of O's attention.

Not to diminish the 300 souls lost in Damascus, but WHY this atrocity? Why do we take action against this country and not the others I've mentioned? I don't buy the chemical weapons "red line" excuse. They want a crisis and this seems to fit their agenda.

China, Russia, and Iran have told Obama to leave Syria alone. Is anyone else concerned that we're getting into a situation that COULD result in WW3? 

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