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How prepared are you medically?

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Brad --- 8 years ago -

Hello, I'm new here, but I'd like to pose a question to everyone... How prepared are you MEDICALLY? I watched in disbelief an episode of doomsday preppers last year as a gentleman started an "IV" on his wife, with the catheter going the wrong way and he obviously was not in the vein... He had supplies and a "plan" but no TRAINING to go with it... Its not any different than having the best sniper rifle in the world, but not having the skills to use it! understanding how to properly administer care to someone wounded or injured in an austere environment without any 911 or EMS responders to come to your rescuse is was I did for 27 months in Iraq and Afgahanistan as a Physician Assistant. Our company - MA Medical Services -(www.mamedicalservices.com) is disabled, combat-veteran owned and we specialize in training medical skills to both hospital and pre-hospital (EMS) medical professionals. we also teach the nationally recognized Tactical Combat Casualty Care Course (TC3). the focus of TC3 is to teach the student how to manage injuries in the austere environment. This includes bleeding control, airway management, fluid resusitation, antibiotic administration and pain management (all important skills to have in ANY emergency situation you might find yourself in)... All our instructors have recent combat experience in these skills, so you learn from people who have been there and done it, not just read it in a book... We are passionate about teaching, and have many other classes like PHTLS (Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support), and AMLS (Advanced Medical Life Support), that can help you be better prepared medically. Its important to have shelter, water, food, protection, etc but don't forget your medical SKILLS... a bag full of medical supplies that you have no idea how to use, is essentailly useless... If you choose to attend a course with us, feel free to bring your medical supplies, and we would be glad to inspect them and give you recommendations. we are also a distributor for many medical supply companies and can work with you to meet your individual and specific needs. If you would like to organize a special class just for your family/friends with expanded topics beyond our standard classes, we can modify any eductaion requirements to meet your specific needs, just give us a call... I'll close with a rule that I followed while deployed concerning equipment (medical and mission-oriented gear) "its better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it"... Hope to hear from you... check out our website www.mamedicalservice.com. thanks... 

rightwingmom (Mod) --- 8 years ago -

Welcome Brad. Sorry for the delay in responding to your posting.

(We've had a personal SHTF event. All is fine now but the past couple of weeks have been interesting...to say the least!)

Thanks for the link, advice, and offer to help those of us who are NOT medically trained. It is a gap that concerns many preppers. 

hittman --- 8 years ago -

brand new here...i've picked your brains for quite some time and FINALLY got involved.

medical supplies are a big one that i feel most people underestimate. most of my experience is as a backcountry first responder (AMGA & SOLO) but if there's one thing i've learned it's that you should never undermine the value of being prepared medically.

in any emergency situation, your ability to treat injuries and prevent infection is of paramount importance. i agree with brad; training is crucial. but, as most of us spend our hard earned money on food, water & other supplies training is a very expensive luxury. that said, there are still MANY things you can do on your own to handle the vast majority of situations you might face that require medical attention, and still fit easily into your budget.

try these resources...

(great website for a common sense approach to survival medicine...look at their list of first aid supplies, its top notch...and answers to antibiotics procurement, sutures, and herbal treatment of ailments)

(this is the link for the basic first aid kit)

where there is no doctor
this is a link for free downloading of the book...but it can be purchased on amazon for under $20.)

where there is no dentist
same link...still free...but you should buy the book)

(prices for gauze and other materials are hard to beat)

the cold, hard truth is that there are some situations that require advanced medical facilities.
in a SHTF situation these might not be available and you should be prepared to care for you and you're own as best you can.

i can't stress enough that my knowledge is limited (i'm not a doctor!) but i'm glad to answer any questions that i can as well as provide other resources, i have a quite a few others to share...if i don't know the answer, i'll tell you that i don't!

cheers ladies and gents.
glad to be here, and hope i can be of some help. 

Loki --- 8 years ago -

I have a few of those books, but I really need to learn what they teach and practice them. Not much time to read a book in many circumstances.

My best books for survival are on a kindle (yeah, I know... LOL). But I DO have a solar charging station for it. 

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