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suture kits & barrels

who's talking here?

LiveFreeOrDie 1
changeisdue 2

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changeisdue --- 9 years ago -

Im looking for suture kits...found some on amazon and interested in what yall have. Also want some 55 gallon barrels for water. Anyone in the kingwood, north houston area? 

LiveFreeOrDie (Admin) --- 9 years ago -

Search "blue barrels" on craigs list and you will find lots in the Houston area, several years ago we found a restaurant that got tomato sauce in blue barrels and were also in bags in the barrels. So the sauce never even touched the barrels. Lucky me..

We had to travel 20 miles to get them but it was well worth it for perfectly clean barrels. I think we paid about $20 per barrel. 

changeisdue --- 9 years ago -

thanks...I will check it out 

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