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fly tape

who's talking here?

rightwingmom 1
changeisdue 2

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changeisdue --- 9 years ago -

I havent noticed anyone adding it to their preps. Im swatting flies now with a/c & regular trash pickup! Definately putting that on my list. 

rightwingmom (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

^^^ Good point changeisdue!

Vermin could become a serious problem.
Adding to your list, I have these items in my stockpile:
mouse traps
rat traps
small critter cages (i.e. racoons & squirrels)

Heck...if times get THAT tough, use the critter cages to catch your next meal. I've heard opossum is actually quite good. My father has a "turn of the century" cookbook with a recipe for opossum! We use to laugh at it, but if our ancestors survived off it, so could we! :) 

changeisdue --- 9 years ago -

I knew some VERY poor people growing up and they ate possum. I heard its really greasy so make sure you have immodium and "electrolyte replinisher". Ive heard the same about coon but this girl aint skeered! 

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