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Hurricane Season is here!

who's talking here?

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rightwingmom (Mod) --- 8 years ago -

Hurricane Season is a great opportunity.

Start by stocking up on sale items featured for hurricane preps. Places like Krogers and Randall's have great sales on canned food and water this time of year. Add coupons and your stockpile will increase without harming your wallet as much! (Last year I grabbed a dozen cans of Spam for about $1 each!)

Also, take advantage of this time of year to discuss preparedness with your more obtuse family and friends. Encouraging them to have the recommended 3 days of food and water will be easier and you won't tip your prepper hand. If you're more enthusiastic, remind them that after Ike the Houston (and surrounding area) was without power and basic necessities for nearly 2 weeks.

If they need an "offical" site, rather than those CRAZY prepper forums, send them to Ready.gov Despite being a FEMA site, it has good advice on basic preparedness. 

changeisdue --- 8 years ago -

Funny thing is I was a prepper and didnt realise it. Every year I filled my ”hurricane box”. Water canned goods batteries candles etc...ike was the first time we needed it and my family thought it was great cuz we cooked on an open fire 3 times a day and spent time together.,but I admit we were grateful when the power was restored. If the s would htf for a week that would be fine im not sure I wanna be cooped up with teenagers for long! 

rightwingmom (Mod) --- 8 years ago -

Our wake up call was hurricane Rita in 2005. When I clutched the last 12 pack of Charmin in the entire Porter Walmart I vowed....NEVER again!

Thankfully, by the time Ike hit us we were well set up and coasted through the 10 day power outage with relative ease.

I agree...1 - 2 weeks with out power and conveniences is one thing, longer than that and I don't have much hope for the average unprepared person and their unplugged teenager! Oh the horror of facing life without FB, Twitter, texting, etc.... LOL 

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