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3 Gifts for Preppers-2012 Holiday Season

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oneyedman (Mod) --- 6 years ago -

) Goal Zero Portable Solar Solutions

If you haven’t seen these guys yet, you owe yourself a look. Goal Zero makes a wide assortment of solar panels and storage batteries that are perfect for the prepper in your life. From small and portable kits for your bug out bag, to emergency home backup systems like the Yeti 1250, there’s a solution that makes sense for every situation. Perfect for:
•HAM radios
•GPS units
•Emergency beacons
•Cell phones

2) IronKey Secure Flash Drives

This may be the “gift of gifts” for the Modern Survivalist. In a world that runs on information, the IronKey keeps yours safe and constantly at your fingertips. Information stored on the IronKey is protected by military grade encryption, so that nobody’s going where nobody ain’t supposed to.

Their aluminum casing is waterproof, as well as fire and shock resistant. Best of all, they hook right on your keychain as part of your EDC, so you’re never far from it.

Perfect for the storage and quick access of:
•Birth certificates
•CC info
•Driver’s licenses
•Insurance documents
•Scans of Social Security Cards
•Medical records House title and mortgage info

3) Books

What prepper’s life is complete without a bookshelf full of good reads. This Christmas, stuff your prepper’s stocking
with a good book or two. Here are a couple that I’ve especially enjoyed this year:

The Pulse, by Scott Williams–This post-apocalyptic novel chronicles the journey of a father and daughter trying to reunite after a massive EMP (electromagnetic pulse).

Think “One Second After” meets “Dove.”

Emergency, by Neil Strauss–No matter how long you’ve been prepping or why you started, every prepper has a back story of events prompting and inspiring their actions. In Emergency, Neil Strauss shares his journey from tenderfoot to hard shell, colored with his edgy (but real) flavor.

Although this puppy came out in 2009, it still received plenty of attention from me this year (and is actually out on loan getting some more love from a friend at the moment!).

Prepper’s Home Defense, by Jim Cobb–The complete plan for operational security and physical defense. With over 20 years of experience as an investigator, security professional, survivalst and writer, Jim combines his loves in this book by teaching you how to create a secure perimeter, safe rooms, hidden caches and more. 

rightwingmom (Mod) --- 6 years ago -

^^^ Nice items! ^^^

For Christmas we gave both our sons their own BOBs filled with all sorts of "prepper" goodies!

They each got:

A.L.I.C.E. pack
Seychelle bottle
coffee filters (to pre-filter water)
5 in 1 whistle
P-51 can openter
S cup canteen/stove stand w/
military fuel gel
cotton balls fire starters
Altoids can
Firesteel magnesium lighter
canteen bottle
Eat ‘N Tool
water purification tablets
Smith & Wesson pocket knife & sharpener
FD meals/oatmeal/granola bars
toilet paper
wash cloth
credit card style multi tool
shampoo/body wash combo
snake bite kit
flashlight w/ extra batteries
glow sticks (2)
emergency ponchos
mylar blanket
mylar tent
N95 masks
sun screen / bug spray
basic first aid kit
para cord
Eton emergency hand crank flashlight/radio (Thanks grandma & grandpa!) 

oneyedman (Mod) --- 6 years ago -

flashlight w/ extra batteries

I found a really cool solar flashlite at walmart for $12.... 

rightwingmom (Mod) --- 6 years ago -

I found a really cool solar flashlite at walmart for $12...

Porter Walmart???

The Eton has a solar panel along with the hand crank but they're pricey! 

oneyedman (Mod) --- 6 years ago -

Walmart in Humble.
This is a handheld bugger.... Quite cool. runs on batteries charged by solar.... Great for BOB as the size is right. 

rightwingmom (Mod) --- 6 years ago -

Brand name? 

oneyedman (Mod) --- 6 years ago -

It is deep in the BOB now, but I am sure they still sell them. I bought it 3 weeks ago. 

oneyedman (Mod) --- 6 years ago -


Holds a charge for over 3 years. 10 hours of light on one full solar charge. 1 watt LED @ 40 lumens. 3 led status indicators - Yellow - solar power, Red - charge mode, Green - battery power. Rechargable from any light source. Waterproof to depths of 80 feet. Back-up battery

Flash me baby 

rightwingmom (Mod) --- 6 years ago -

^^^ Thx oneyedman! :) 

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