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Will they come for "Preppers" next???

who's talking here?

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oneyedman (Mod) --- 6 years ago -

Keep in mind this is an article from a UK tabloid, Mail.....

Did paranoid, gun-crazed mother trigger son's school killing spree? Friends say she believed world was on edge of collapse

The mother of the loner who massacred 26 pupils and staff at a US primary school may have played a major part in his catastrophic mental breakdown, it emerged last night.

Friends and family portrayed Adam Lanza’s mother Nancy as a paranoid ‘survivalist’ who believed the world was on the verge of violent, economic collapse.

She is reported to have been struggling to hold herself together and had been stockpiling food, water and guns in the large home she shared with her 20-year-old son in Connecticut.

Mrs Lanza, 52, was a ‘prepper’ – so called because they are preparing for a breakdown in civilised society – who apparently became obsessed with guns and taught Adam and his older brother, Ryan, how to shoot, even taking them to local ranges.

Speaking after last week's tragedy Lanza’s aunt Marsha said Nancy was ‘self reliant’ and that they talked a lot about how she was preparing for the economic meltdown.

She said her former sister-in-law was meticulous about never leaving guns out, but made no secret of having an imposing firearm collection.

It included not only the two handguns and semi-automatic assault rifle used in the killings but also two traditional hunting rifles.

‘She told me she liked the single-mindedness of shooting,’ said Dan Holmes, who looked after the large garden around her rambling home. He also recalled how Mrs Lanza would go target shooting with her boys ‘pretty often’. 

rightwingmom (Mod) --- 6 years ago -

Attacking preppers as being selfish and paranoid is nothing new.

However, I agree. The tone and intensity seem to be increasing.


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