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*Want to store up some good food, just in case you ever need it?

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rEVOLution --- 9 years ago -

Want to store up some good food, just in case you ever need it? The LDS Cannery off of 1960 is now open to the public. A life long friend of mine is a member and we have been buying stuff there for quite a while and I am very impressed with what all they have there. You'll have to PM me or go there yourself to see what all they have. The cannery is very affordable, very efficient, very friendly service and they are extremely passionate about food storage and helping others prepare.

Church of Jesus Christ of LDS
16331 Hafer Rd, Houston, TX 77090
(281) 440-0349

This is very near to I-45 and 1960, just west of I-45 you'll turn left on Hafer rd. Please call for hours of operation but I usually go on Saturday mornings between 9am and 11am. They close at noon. 

LiveFreeOrDie (Admin) --- 9 years ago -

We have been there several times, very nice people.

Beans and rice, rice and beans.. 

rightwingmom (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

Beans and rice, rice and beans..

Don't forget the apple chips! YUM! :) 

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