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ON grid water collection system

who's talking here?

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bwestand7 --- 10 years ago -

Has anyone every seen a design for something like this before? I'm thinking like an ON grid solar system ..... 4 1000 gallon water storage tanks one tied into local water utility with a float valve so you will never run out as long as water still flows ... And the other 3 tied together with a rain collection system tied in to supply .... I'm trying to find out what's my best option for a pump to keep pressure relatively close to standard pressure while running the pump on a solar panel .... So in order to make it cost efficient I need a low wattage pump ..... Has anyone ever tried to design anything like this? It seems dual purpose if I can get it to work cut down on water bills so the system pays for itself and have a large collection system for emergencies ... Any help would be appreciated 

LiveFreeOrDie (Admin) --- 10 years ago -

That sounds pretty interesting, if you decide to do it, keep us updated on the build. 

oneyedman (Mod) --- 10 years ago -

4 1000 gallon water

Holy cheet!
That is SERIOUS prep right there..... 

bwestand7 --- 10 years ago -

It's more self reliance to me .... I can collect on average in my area 3500 gal per month so why not use it it will cost me around 3500 to build or close to it and I pay 200 a month for water so while ill still be buying from the city as I use almost 5000 gallons a month now with all my kids ... I think within 2.5 years the system would start putting money back in my pocket ... And yes once shtf we won't be doing 8 showers a day so I will have an abundance of water .... Serves two purposes I guess lol I just really hate paying for rain almost as in the movie dumb and dumber when they sold the blind kid the dead bird it just feels wrong and as with power in my area its owned by the city and public utilities are the worst for price gauging and we have no real way to fight back .... If I could afford a full load solar system is get that as well threes things all pay for themselves in time ..... Basically yes it is prep but serves a secondary purpose ..... I'm working on the design now if I find a way to do it how I want ill probably build it in June and ill keep this updated 

oneyedman (Mod) --- 10 years ago -

I'm working on the design now if I find a way to do it how I want ill probably build it in June and ill keep this updated

Sweet. I am very interested in your success. 

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