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Where do I store all that canned food?

who's talking here?

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rightwingmom (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

Here's a project I hope to get my husband to complete!
This is a very clever idea for storing up to 500 cans from your local grocery store.

Unique Self Rotating Can Rack:

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Of course, now when my friends have a new buffet behind their couch, I'll have to wonder if they're preppers! LOL 

5 Rah --- 9 years ago -

What a great storage idea!

Does anyone have ideas on ways to store cases of water? I have about a dozen cases of bottles and no more room under the beds - plus the stuff is so darn heavy and I live in a mobile home. Any ideas on storing it underneath on the ground and behind the skirting? I don't want to just sit it on the dirt - would a sheet of heavy plastic be okay? Thanks for your help. 

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