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Feed Grain For Calorie Storage - What do you think?

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NetRanger --- 10 years ago -

I've purchased several 50# bags of corn and wheat as long term storables. I did something similar back in 1999 for that huge problem known as Y2K that never did anything. I still have that grain (wheat) and its still good. I still use it from time to time to experiment.

I just go to the local grain mill and buy cleaned wheat or corn. What is your opinion of this? 

rightwingmom (Mod) --- 10 years ago -

Welcome to the site NetRanger. :)

Which local mill do you use? Do you mind me asking what they charge? This would be awesome! I've bought a couple of hundred lbs. of hard red and hard white through our local LDS, but I'm always up for checking out a new source!

What have you made with your experiments? 

5 Rah --- 10 years ago -

My opinion...sounds wise! Seems as if your Y2K supplies came to good use; as did mine :) I've heard a few complaints about the Y2K preps but I always felt it was some of the best "insurance" I could have purchased.

Back to your grains - I would also like to know what experiments you did. Also, does the corn/wheat come in sacks or do I need to take containers with me? Thanks 

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