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Free 50 watts of light from a 2 liter bottle. - 11 years ago

Very cool. I have a windowless barn on my property that has no power run to it, and I have to use a flash light. I may consider using this method... since the roof is old and needs replacement as i...

Solar Cooker Designs - 11 years ago

Here is a valuable page that has many designs and design plans for a variety of solar ovens. You can click on different designs and print them out for hard copies. Some are rigid and build fro...

Clay Pot Refrigeration - 12 years ago

That made me thirsty

What REALLY has any value ? - 12 years ago

[i]So I offer you 1 oz of gold for 2 cups of rice OR 2 cups of water for 2 cups of rice. Which would you take ? [/i] I would like to take you up on the offer for 1oz of gold for 2 cups of rice....

5 Enemies of Food Storage - 12 years ago

Another Food Storage Enemy [img]http://www.gifsoup.com/webroot/animatedgifs/189814_o.gif[/img]

5 Enemies of Food Storage - 12 years ago

Water Filtration - 12 years ago

I keep on hand a couple bags of sand and charcoal. I have a plastic 50 gal drum that I could add the sand and charcoal in to filter the water. Maybe boiling the water after filtering it would be the...

Why be prepared? - 12 years ago

I once started to make a list, and it started simply with: 1. Personal Events 2. Community Events 3. Regional Events 4. National Events 5. Global Events But then I opened all five of them up ...

Preferred weapons mix - 12 years ago

[i]For home defense I'd have to go with the shot gun...[/i] When talking “home defense”, as in using a gun to search the interior of your house, a shotgun has its advantages. Having a rapid acces...

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